ABB ArcPack U2 Educational Workcell

The advanced ABB ArcPack U2 educational welding station provides a pre-engineered, simple two station design for an easy learning experience.  

This educational package includes an IRB1520ID robot, IRC5 controller, integrated base with fork lift pockets and integrated robot riser, selectable welding equipment including power supply, torch, and wire feeder, cell safety and perimeter guarding, standard operator station, a small footprint for minimal floor space, flash screen between work stations, DeviceNet M/S dual channel, RobotWare boot package, path recovery, collision detection software, RobotWare Arc - arc welding functions, RobotWare power source, and documentation.  

The ArcPack U2 educational package has a payload of 4 kg and a reach of 1500 mm.  The main voltage is 480 VAC 3 Phase. 

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